Magnesium Prototypes & Fabrication Services

Vanpro, Inc. utilizes our superior machining capabilities to create magnesium prototypes for any customer project. We can provide rapid prototypes to match our customers’ designs.

Working from your 3D/CAD models and/or design drawings, we can manufacture your prototype in the form of a magnesium hogout to give you the opportunity to test for fit, form, and function. Our process and design engineers will review your design and suggest any necessary changes to improve the manufacturability of your fabrication prototype. In some cases, we may suggest starting with an FDM prototype which allows testing of fit and function prior to machining magnesium.

Vanpro’s design assistance and rapid prototyping capabilities make it easy for you to take your designs from the first prototype stages through to the finalized design quickly and efficiently. We can optimize your final design to reduce the amount of material needed, eliminate unnecessary production processes, and improve time to market. This gives you the best quality parts and components while saving you time and money on manufacturing.

Magnesium’s unique properties make it an ideal material for many applications. Many metal fabrication projects can benefit from magnesium’s high strength-to-weight ratio, low weight (30% lighter than aluminum), superb EMI shielding characteristics, sound and vibration dampening qualities, and exceptional durability. It many instances, customers change their choice of manufacturing materials during the design or prototyping stage so as to utilize the many benefits of magnesium.

In addition to magnesium prototypes and design assistance, we also perform secondary fabrication and assembly services. With Vanpro’s extensive knowledge of the industry and partnerships with multiple die-casting and thixomolding suppliers, we are able to deliver the most cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Vanpro’s experience and capabilities enable us to bring multiple manufacturing processes together. We pride ourselves on being a true “one stop shop” for magnesium machining. From prototypes to low-volume and high-volume production runs, Vanpro offers first class production solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Contact us through this site or call 763-689-1559. We are ready to work with you on any magnesium prototyping or metal fabrication project.