Thixomolding Magnesium

Thixomolding is a high speed, semi-solid magnesium injection molding process. The process transforms room-temperature magnesium chips, heated to a semi-solid slurry inside a barrel and screw, into precision-molded components. Secondary de-binding or sintering is not necessary as this technique combines the best of plastic injection molding and die-casting.

Processing magnesium in the thixo state may have advantages when compared to conventional die casting. Due to a closed flow front entrapment of gases and oxides is reduced. The material’s mechanical properties are improved by thixomolding magnesium, and the parts can be heat treated and welded. In addition, the reduced solidification shrinkage may lead to better tolerances. Lower energy consumption and reduced thermal strain on the mold reduces costs.

Similar to plastic injection, thixomolding technology utilizes the thixotropic flow characteristics of semi-solid magnesium alloy to produce net shape, high strength and low porosity components. Thixomolded parts are two to three times stronger than some plastics, have high thermal conductivity, are one-third lighter than aluminum and offer inherent EMI/RFI shielding for telecommunication and electronic enclosures.

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