Communications Component Machining

The team at Vanpro, Inc. has over 100 years of combined experience in machining magnesium, giving us the knowledge and the expertise needed for even the most complex communications industry projects. Our CNC production machining capabilities allow us to create parts, components, and assemblies that meet the tight tolerances required in this high-tech industry.

Magnesium offers a number of unique characteristics that make it an ideal material for communications parts and components. Some of the benefits of magnesium include:

  • Exceptional EMI shielding capabilities
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Light weight (30% lighter than aluminum)
  • Rugged and extremely durable
  • Outstanding vibration dampening

Working from your designs, Vanpro can machine the parts you need for any communications project. We have created magnesium components for military-grade laptop computers, 3-piece assemblies for hand held two-way radio devices, small speaker components, components for high-end audio turntables, and more. No matter what your project requires, our CNC production machining enables us to match your exact specifications.

Additionally, we offer design assistance to help you optimize your design for better manufacturability. Our design team can suggest adjustments to your design that will minimize the material needed, eliminate unnecessary processes, and improve throughput. This saves you valuable time and money on your project, while delivering parts and components that meet or exceed your expectations.

Make Vanpro your number one choice for machined magnesium parts for communications equipment and products. Request a quote, contact us via e-mail, or call 763-689-1559. We are ready to put our experience and expertise in machining magnesium to work for you.